Additional Services

Here at Able Line Marking, we have a range of additional services outside of line marking. We offer line removal, waterblasting, wheel stops, bollards and much more.

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Line Marking, for any situation (From $295)

Whether you’re looking to re-paint existing lines, or need to start from scratch, we’ve got everything you need to get your site up to scratch. Whether you’re painting a car park, roads, factory, warehouse or even indoors – our Line Marking contractors will get your lines painted in rapid time, with precision and accuracy.


Depending on the condition of your site, waterblasting may be recommended or even required prior to marking any lines. If you’re looking for longevity from your line marking service, having the surface prepared can go a long way in ensuring a quality job that lasts.

Line Removal

Line Removal

If you’re taking over an existing establishment, or are wanting to change the existing line marking, you will likely need to remove the old lines. Line removal users a grinder to ‘grind’ the existing surface, returning it to it’s original state.

Wheel Stops

If you’re painting or re-marking an existing car park, you may want to include wheel stops in your parking spaces. Wheel stops provide an excellent navigation point for vehicle owners, whilst keeping surrounding areas protected from and car-related mishaps.

Wheel Stop


Bollards provide an excellent level of protection for factories, warehouses and other work-related sites. In addition to this, these industrial marking solutions also provide vehicles (such as cars, trucks or forklifts) with navigation points – keeping both employees and vehicles safe and up to scratch with OH&S


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