Paint/Line Removal

Old line markings giving you a headache? At Able Linemarking we offer a full service and can help you to have any old lines removed. Our services include:

  • Blacking out – This involves painting over the lines with a paint that best matches the substrate colour. This is not a permanent solution, but it is the cheapest.
  • Scabbling – We have our very own scabbling machine that permanently removes lines, this is best used on asphalt surfaces but leaves the surface with a rough finish.
  • Water Blasting – In some cases we can organise to have your lines or old surface paint removed by water blasting. This is a permanent solution, but you must be prepared to wait for your surface to dry  before painting can commence.
  • Grinding – This is by far the best method to remove lines, it is a permanent solution, and it achieves neater results than scabbling, but it can be expensive but we can organise this for you giving you the best deal.

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